Preparation and Dress

On the day of your session please do not use any body lotion or oil before coming to your session. For what to wear for RolfingĀ® Structural Integration in a session for men I recommend running shorts (nylon outer shell with built in underwear lining).

For women I have a large selection of "tube tops" that are comfortable and easy to work around. Some women prefer a two piece bathing suit or bra and underpants. It is important to be comfortable in what you are wearing since we will be working in several sitting and lying positions and walking and standing before, during and after your session.

Optional Photos
Photos are an option and can be very helpful for illustrating the RolfingĀ® Structural Integration strategies. Photos are taken with a digital camera and not developed and viewed by the client and myself only. This can be an excellent tool and is instructive in the learning and education process.


Frank Epstein, Certified Rolfer,

Frank Epstein

My job is to facilitate physical change that alleviates pain while allowing your body freer movements and better alignment.