Rolfing Success Stories

"Rolfing by Frank Epstein is my new secret weapon for training. I am adding Rolfing to my already long list of treatments and therapies to help my body perform at the absolute highest level. When economy of motion is absolutely critical during and eight-hour race for Ironman, I need to get every mechanical advantage and efficiency from my body. Frank is helping to maximize my output in training and racing through Structural Integration bodywork."
 T.J. Tollakson, Professional Triathlete

"After many years of chronic pain in my back,knees,hips,and ankles.I am now pain free. I have been a runner for over 20 years and have had to take frequent breaks from my training schedule due to these nagging pains. Ever since going through the 10 sessions recommended by Frank , I have been able to workout without any breaks in my schedule. I use to go to the chiropractor 2-4 times a month to keep myself aligned. I haven't needed an adjustment for over a year and a half, since I started the ten series."
Sherry Ellingson

"I had been getting spasms in my upper back about every two to three months. This had been going on for at least ten years. I was able to control the symptoms but I could not find anything to prevent the spasms from occurring. I tried everything including chiropractic treatments, active release treatments and massage. I saw many Doctors including my family Doctor, Sports Medicine Doctors and various Orthopedic Doctors. Since I started the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, I have not had any back spasms. In addition, my posture has improved and the tension in my shoulders and back is gone. I have not had any spasms in over eight months."
John Kromminga, Ultra Marathoner

"I have tried many things but they would bring just temporary relief. When I went through the Rolf Method of Structural Integration it changed my life. I was taking medicine for acid reflux and headaches; now, I no longer take either. I used to wake up every morning with neck and back pain. I now sleep well and wake up feeling great."
 Renita Shanahan

"A retired personal trainer, I remain committed to fitness and prioritize being physically acitve. Recently I discovered the amazing benefits of Rolfing. Within two sessions I noticed improved aerobic endurance, greater range of motion, and overall musculoskelatal balance. Rolfer Frank Epstein conducts these sessions with the highest level of  professional focus and expertise. I highly recommend it!" 
Tracy Rosenberg M.S., Exercise Science

"For over three years, due to lower back pain, I've
found it difficult to sit through an entire performance at the Civic Center
without constantly fidgeting in my seat to find a comfortable position.
 Recently, I attended a 90 minute performance at the Civic Center after my
third of ten Rolf Structural Integration sessions.  I was pleasantly
surprised at the end of the performance to realize that I had not moved the
entire night.  I have no doubt this change was due to the treatment
received in these first three sessions.  I look forward to completing the
series and the benefits that await."
Peg Rasmussen

"I went to Frank with problems stemming from my professional life that required more and more time sitting at a desk and working on a computer. I began to notice positive changes almost immediately. I found that Frank's methods dramatically improved my posture and flexability. As an avid golfer,this led to added  stability,and increase in swing speed and lower scores. I hightly recommend Frank for anyone looking to regain thier edge."
John C.

." A friend of mine, who is a Chiropractor in
Boulder, told me about Rolfing/Structural Integration and I started
looking into it. That's when I found Frank. I was very encouraged after even
just my first appointment with him. Standing up from the table after that first
session, I felt as though an electric current was charging through me. I'm
very in tune with my body and I knew changes were taking place. After several
sessions I started to notice moments during the day that I didn't have pain.
This was a new feeling for me as the norm has been chronic/constant pain of
differing levels. The moments became hours and then days. Although I'm not
completely pain free every single day, I've started being active again and have
joined a gym for the first time in 10 years! The Des Moines 1/2 Marathon is in
October and Frank and I are working steadily to get me there. I feel like the
Rolf Method, for me and my injury, has taken both the Chiropractic and deep
tissue massage to a whole new plain. I don't do either anymore. I visit Frank
twice a month and I can't imagin that I would ever stop, being pain free isn't
something I thought I could ever attain and here I am!! Thank you Frank"!!!
Leasa Larson



Overall I have had a great experience with Rolfing
Structural Integration. After each session I feel more grounded and my spine
feels lengthened. I feel taller and more fluid with my body in motion and have
more posture awareness. I feel like I am finally getting my body back after
having my twins. Thank You-

Annette Chance D.O.

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At Rolf Method Bodywork my goal is to bring your body into a new alignment that improves physical abilities and establishes better balance and greater flexibility.

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