Massage Therapy

I am a licensed massage therapist and nationally certified and offer services in neuromuscular massage, msyofascial release and swedish massage.

Most of the people living in the area I practice are most familiar with these modalities and many would be excellent candidates for the Rolfing®Structural Integration work and would transition quite easily if given the right introduction.

The majority of people seeking massage services are receiving various forms of swedish and if you are interested and schedule a session for a  massage and are interested in learning more about  Rolfing® Structural Integration I would be able to give you enough information during you session for you to determine if you would be interested in trying it at a later time.

I maintain a full time practice in Des Moines, Iowa. To receive more information or to schedule an appointment, I can be reached at (515) 274-3417 or e-mail


Key Benefits:

Structural Integration "rebalances" muscles and manipulates fascia – the sheath-like connective tissue that surrounds and binds muscles together – that has been pulled out of position by strain, stress or injury.

With Structural Integration You Can: