Relieve Aches and Chronic Pain

Unlocking Chronic Pain through  Rolfing Structural Integration

Developed in the 1950s as way to "unlock" pain, RolfingĀ® (named for its founder, Ida Rolf) is distinct from massage and chiropractic work: While a massage therapist focuses on muscles and a chiropractor is concerned with the alignment of bones, a RolfingĀ® Practitioner manipulates the tissue, called fascia, that connects both. 

Through this unique form of bodywork we will apply steady, even pressure to key points on the body, releasing tension, reducing stress, and promoting balance. Among other aspects of this method we work to loosen and elongate the connective tissue as a means to re-balance the body, improve posture and reduce the chronic pain that is often caused by fundamental mis-alignment of the body's core structure.

Start Living Pain Free

At Rolf Method Bodywork my goal is to bring your body into a new alignment that improves physical abilities and establishes better balance and greater flexibility.

Services Provided: